Your Seat at the Table Webinar Series Recording: Who is SocialChorus?

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Your Seat at the Table Episode 2 – Who is SocialChorus?

Communicators are overwhelmed and underserved by the technology they have been given. Yet the communicator’s role is critical to the success of an enterprise. It can seem like an impossible task, and it’s anything but easy. Good news – you are not alone. Meet SocialChorus, we are a platform built for communicators focused on helping communicators become heroes by giving them what they need to unify their enterprises. This webinar is a great introduction if you are not familiar with SocialChorus.

Key Takeaways:

  • Our top learnings from working with communications and engagement leaders across the Fortune 1000
  • Understand what it means to be a workforce communications platform
  • Customer use cases and examples of what SocialChorus looks like in the wild

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VP of Communications & Engagement Strategies, SocialChorus

Sonia Fiorenza leads communications and engagement strategies for SocialChorus, a mobile workforce communications platform for every worker from head office to the front line. Sonia has more than 20 years experience in Corporate Communications at Fortune 500 companies across the financial services, biotechnology, and retail industries. She’s passionate about internal communications and employee engagement.


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