Shel Holtz & Friends Podcast Series Episode 3: How Millennials are Changing the Future of Employee Communications

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Shel Holtz recently spoke with the SocialChorus team on communications data, content strategies, best practices and more. This blog series, Shel Holtz & Friends, highlights some key takeaways from the interviews that you can apply at your organization. 

The Pew Research Center found that today millennials represent about half of the workforce. With a generation that grew up with mobile devices in their pocket, millennials expect communication to be timely, relevant and easily accessible. Shel spoke with SocialChorus co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Nicole Alvino about the growing millennial workforce and how mobile devices are changing internal communications.

Shel Holtz:

Tell us about some of the pushback that you hear about using mobile for internal communications.




Nicole Alvino:

We think that mobile is the star of the show. Two main reasons: #1 is that it’s the device of our personal lives and #2 is millennials. By the end of 2017, millennials will represent half of our workforce and this is their device. Sometimes we even go as far to say, if you as an employer do not have your brand on the home screen of employees’ phones, as the way to connect them first, then you’re going to be irrelevant. We are really working with a lot of brands helping them get to mobile. We talk about unlocking content from the intranet and really liberating those stories from the intranet. We are seeing all sorts of use cases from giving plant workers and retail workers on the ground a way to communicate and feel really integrated with the culture that they never could before in an era of desktop only.

Shel Holtz:

What about the Intranet? Companies don’t want to abandon the intranet; they want to make that content available in a meaningful way vs. mobile.

Nicole Alvino:

We have a desktop application on web, we can imbed things in our client’s intranet for a really unified web experience, we’re really all about working within the ecosystem of our clients. We’ve learned that, especially on web, they do want to be really integrated, but on mobile, very few clients have a mobile solution and they really just fall in love with our app and use words like “beautiful” and “familiar” and “oh my gosh we need this tomorrow”. So it’s really interesting to see the mobile piece taking center stage while we’re still helping with that web piece and making it more integrated with the brands current investments.

Shel Holtz:

Personally I think mobile is the direction everything is headed, but I also agree entirely that organizations have made a considerable investment in the intranet and a lot of employees still do rely on it. So I think her answer is exactly right. And you can find out all about how social chorus works and how it integrates with existing communication assets by visiting us here.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of this blog series in which our Chief Strategy Officer & CO-founder, Nicole Alvino, further discusses the importance of employee communication and the shift to mobile.

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