We Invest in Communicators

To help customers become the next generation of modern communicators, we offer more than just our platform. We introduce them to new skills, share knowledge and expertise, and connect them to other striving communicators.

Client Strategy & Success

We support customer success by pairing our strategic advisors with your communicators. This partnership creates a cross-functional, comprehensive approach to defining your program strategy, launch, driving adoption, and growing monthly active users.

Education & Best Practices

We immerse ourselves in your business and give you a deep dive into the SocialChorus platform, showing you how to create more value for your workforce. We share best practices and take you on a comprehensive learning journey that builds new skills and capabilities for communicators.

Preparing for Launch

We collaborate to find the right segmentation of your audience so you can take advantage of the platform’s targeting capabilities, develop the right content strategy for the right audiences, and create a deployment plan focused on driving adoption.

When You Win, We Win

Our success is inherently tied to yours. Our client strategy and success teams use their expert knowledge and industry best practices to help you define or refine your business objectives and establish key performance indicators. Together, we study the performance of your program and continuously optimizing for outcomes.

Program Strategy Framework


Step 1:
We discuss and align your key business priorities to your program strategy.


Step 2: 
We segment your audiences and define which types of content and information your employees value.


Step 3:
Next, we define your program’s content and engagement strategy and develop a strategic marketing and deployment plan to drive awareness and adoption.


Step 4:
Take advantage of the platform’s targeting features. Program Managers learn to create and deliver relevant content to different employee groups and channels.


Step 5:
Use Program Studio’s measurement capabilities to understand program effectiveness.


Step 6: 
Use the new data and insights captured to define action plans that optimize effectiveness.


Step 7:
Use program insights to refine your approach, content, and/or engagement tactics to achieve success.

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