A Seamless Web Experience
for the Wired Worker

Offer a web-optimized version of your content for when employees want to access company news from their laptops or a desktop.


Connect With Employees
Where They Are

Meet the needs of “desked” workers by delivering a web user experience that’s on par with the websites they access daily. By pairing the web experience with a mobile app, the intranet, or email, you’ll reach employees wherever they happen to be.


Offer employees an experience tailored for the way they work.


Relevant content helps them feel more connected to the company.

Single Source of Info

Give employees one place to find the information they need.


Find Everything in One Place

Designed for desktop workers, the web experience offers one location for employees to catch up on company news, find information relevant to them, access their saved bookmarks, and browse their favorite content channels.


Increase Employee Engagement

Give employees the opportunity to share content, photos, or videos. Let them comment on (and like) approved content and increase the adoption of your program by letting them invite their coworkers.


Make Important Easy to Access

With a smart search engine, employees can find any past content by searching for words contained in the title or body of the post. Also, attach documents like PDFs, Excel sheets, ICS files, and PowerPoint presentations to your posts for easy file sharing.


Personalize the Experience

Every employee’s feed is unique. They can choose to follow specific channels, receive automated recommended posts, and get notifications when someone tags them or interacts with their comments.

How Can You Improve the Employee Experience?

This overview is just the beginning. Program Studio has more incredible features to help you reach and engage with every employee.


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